Wednesday, July 30, 2008


A few weeks ago we had the Irish lecture to us about making peace; about how they gave up violence and how happy everyone and his neighbor's wife had been ever since then.

But now, it all seems to be turning out to be a bunch of pure, undiluted bull shit. The Irish apparently are not happy with the way things have turned out to be and there are whisperings in the defence world about a potential return to violence.

Oh well, old habits die hard, and looks like the Brits are going to regret agreeing to peace when all the terrorists needed was a reprieve to re-group, re-arm and start all over again.

Here's what the respected has to say about the return of the IRA in it's July 29, 2008 publication;

"...British counter-terrorism officials believe that Irish terrorists (splinter groups of the IRA, or Irish Republican Army) in Northern Ireland are currently more of a terrorist threat than Islamic radicals. The Irish terror groups are planning violence in an effort to disrupt the peace deal that was worked out in Northern Ireland, between the Catholic and Protestant communities. British intelligence believes that about 80 Irish terrorists are planning attacks..."

Some people never learn.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


There is NO such thing as a 'Tamil' area in Sri Lanka.
In fact, Tamil speaking people live in all parts of the country, though most prefer to migrate abroad, away from 'tamil' areas of Sri Lanka and Tamilnadu, the birth place of the Tamil language.

I copied this map from the satirical site


Human rights committee of MPs acknowledges that soldiers used prohibited techniques on prisoners
LONDON: British parliamentarians said on Sunday they might have been misled by the government and a senior military figure over the use of banned interrogation techniques by British troops in Iraq.
The Joint Committee on Human Rights, made up of MPs and peers, said that soldiers had used “conditioning” techniques such as hooding prisoners and putting them in stress positions despite such methods being prohibited. They argued that conflicted with statements made by former Armed Forces Minister Adam Ingram and Lieutenant General Robin Brims that troops were fully aware that such techniques were banned.
An investigation into the death of Baha Mousa, a 26-year-old hotel worker in the southern Iraqi city of Basra who was beaten to death in British custody in 2003, found some soldiers had employed the banned practices. Last year, British soldier Corporal Donald Payne pleaded guilty to inhumane treatment at a court martial, after which the head of the army General Sir Richard Dannatt said Mousa and others had suffered unlawful treatment.
Earlier this month the Ministry of Defence (MoD) agreed to pay nearly 3 million pounds ($6 million) in compensation to Mousa’s family and other Iraqis beaten and tortured by British troops in 2003. “We have yet to receive an explanation from the MoD for the discrepancies in evidence given to the committee by Mr Ingram in 2004 and Lieutenant General Brims in 2006 on the use of these illegal conditioning techniques,” the committee chairman Andrew Dismore said in a statement.
Defence Secretary Des Browne said there would be a public inquiry into Mousa’s death which would also examine the issue raised by the committee.
“We acknowledge that in 2003, some of the conditioning techniques were used on a small number of detainees,” Browne said in a statement.


OVER 100 LTTE terrorists were killed and hundreds more injured when they attempted a counter-strike against Sri Lankan Defence Forces advancing into Vavunikulam area.

Here's in depth reporting on the defencewire blog;

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Mozilla Firefox 3.0 version was officially launched in Sri Lanka by the Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) with the University of Moratuwa.

The ‘e-Sri Lanka’ programme is implementing many projects in the information and communication field, among them the introduction of technologies allowing the easy use of the Sinhala and Tamil languages, said Chief Operation Officer/Director, Information and Communication Technology Agency.

“The launch of the Mozilla Firefox web browser in the Sinhala language is an important step,” he added.

Commenting on the development, Prof. Gihan Dias of the University of Moratuwa said that the process of providing facilities for all citizens to use computers and the internet in their own languages began five years ago.

“The primary means of promoting information and communication technology in a country and achieving a high literacy rate in IT is by encouraging content in native languages because the identity of a nationality is its language,” said Wasantha Deshapriya, Director of the State Sector Restructuring Programme.

The introduction of ‘Mozilla Firefox’ in the Sinhala language is expected to help rural Sri Lankans, including children, to learn basic computing skills.
Courtesy: Government Information Department

Thursday, July 24, 2008


DID anybody else also notice these sentences that are routinely added to any report the associated Press releases regarding Sri Lanka...

"...Rebel spokesman Rasiah Ilanthirayan was not immediately available for comment. Both sides routinely exaggerate enemy death tolls while underreporting their own.

It was not possible to independently verify the military reports because the government has barred most journalists from the northern jungles where much of the fighting takes place.

The Tamil Tigers have been fighting for an independent state in the nation's north and east since 1983, following decades of marginalization by governments dominated by the Sinhalese majority. More than 70,000 people have been killed in the conflict..."

These clowns are so hell bent on stereo-typing Sri Lanka into some sort of a hell hole that obviously even the LTTE mouth piece doesn't consider them worth talking to.
I spoke with a local Sri Lankan lad who works for AP and was told that irrespective of what they report from Sri Lanka, the last paragraph, yes the one which makes an unsubstantiated derogatory political statement against Sri Lanka is added as a matter of policy by AP.


THE grotesque head counts that are bandied by both the Defence Dept and the Tigers area reaching unsustainable levels. If at all, the Tigers seem to have more credibility in their claims, even for a hawk like me. In the meantime, the blogsphere key-board warriors take each declaration by which ever side they support into a howling match which makes the original intent of some of those blogs often meaningless.

Without a doubt, the Sri Lankan military has performed impeccably in their role and the present government has allowed themilitary to do its job. The current world dynamics also have helped incredibly in the pursuit of the goals teh government set for the military.

For all intents and purposes, the war is already won, for the concept itself has been defeated. All that remains is the fighting and in that the SL Defence Forces hold the upper hand.


THE Most Reverend Cardinal Oswald Gomis hits it on the head, when he says that militarily defeating the LTTE is imperative to a sustainable peace. Bravo Cardinal, even to a man of the cloth, avoiding the longer term human suffering would be worth fighting a war against terrorism to the finish.

In the meanwhile the SLG spokesman Keheliya Rambukwella says the overseas Tamil diaspora are canvassing Norway to help exile the Tiger leader before the SL Defence Forces get to him. With the Indians watching the Wanni with satellites and US and other nations interested in finishing the game in Sri Lanka on a victory platform, the Norwegians would need to pull quite a stunt to achieve that feat. At the same time it is worth remembering that they had him in Norway when the tsunami hit Sri Lanka and even managed to smuggle huim back into the country.

The intended destination appears to be Eritrea, the piss-pot African ludicracy that recieved a thrashing from Ethiopia recently when they supported Somali terrorism. If it comes to pass, Sri Lanka should consider a covert hit in Erithrea to take this animal down.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


THe LTTE loses its last major sea-access point with the fall of Vidduthaltivu and the military consinues its thrust into a smaller base located further northward. Once sea-denial is complete, arms acquisition would become impossble for the Tigers, leaving only the option of capturing weapons from the SL Military.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008


TWENTY two suicide bomber hyenas of LTTE were killed today in an air-strike by the SLAF, claims the Defence Ministry website in this posting. At the time of the attack, the podiyens had been vigorously training on how to blow themselves up with maximum casualties..

Under un-yielding pressure from the SLDF, the terrorists are now pleading for a breather and are even declaring unilateral cease-fires as if expecting the world to take cognizance of a gesture of generosity from avowed terrorists. While not anticipating the SLG to be in the slightest distracted by such a dumb red herring, I would only be surprised if some of the viciously vocal retarded media bitches do not make a case for a cease-fire based on this.

The Army also captured some water front real estate in places with un-pronounceable names. One such place apparently has an underwater jetty which could accomodate upto at least 100 small sized water craft. Would be a nice tourist attraction someday.

SAARC is going to cost an arm and a leg to the already starving average Sri Lankan. The costs are already running into billions of ruppees and rising.

Karuna's issues have yet again handled masterfully by the government. Now Karuna is the top dog and Pilliyan is back in the navigator's seat. This outfit is worth watching carefully and the govt. would be stupid to trust either of them totally.

Bruce Fein was collecting money in Canada and now there seems to be a big fall out with a self-appointed LTTE mouth-piece. Money colected has apparently gone missing and no one's talking. Meanwhile the Bruce Fein operation appears to have been hijacked by a different terror related outfit. When the dust settles, Mr. Fein will be left looking over his shoulder for the remainder of his natural life, if he has played dirty by the Tamil Tigers. He should rest assured that the LTTE will put an un-natural end to it sooner than later, if so.

Monday, July 21, 2008



I generally do not wanto get into it with other Sri Lankan writers, purely based on the fact that everyone has a right to an opinon. however, given the precarious situation facing Sri Lanka, it now becomes imperative to talk back to those who, driven by malice, attempt to deliberately mis-present facts to the larger world community.

This is a response to the article published in the online Asian Tribune on July 21, 2008, linked here;

To take the Army Commander's expression of how democracy works in any nation as an expression of a Sinhala supremacist ideology in action, is a stretch of imagination reaching levels of feverish paranoia. Democracy is the will of the majority and majority will, when they are challenged with annihilation on a regular basis, strike back. It is the way of the universe.

In the absence of substance to make a convincing argument, the writer lowers her guard to clearly show the contempt she harbors not only for the present government, the nation's right to defend it self and quite absurdly, her assumption that the general readership is incapable of independent thought.

It is understandble that political hatreds can be expressed freely and often veiled as something else, the most popular slogans being human rights violations and corruption. But the primary mistake anyone in a public forum must avoid making at all costs is to assume that the audience lacks the ability to think deeper and probe beyond than what is being uttered in thier space. This is where even the spin doctor Iqbal Athas made grotesque miscalculations and made a complete fool of himself.

The following expressions are deliberate mis-interpretations of fact, driven obviously by a virulent and disturbed thinking that lacks basis;
"...In fact, as the regime’s belief in the imminence of the final triumph grows, the need to wrap the nature of its Sinhala supremacist state building project in pluralist linen would diminish..." and "...The Sri Lanka that will emerge will be a Sinhala country in which the minorities can survive only on sufferance, only as second class citizens..."- Are insults to the Sinhalese who have voted minorities into local and state govt positions for decades. Even today, Capital City Colombo's grass roots level power lies in the hands of minorities.
"...In this Sinhala Sri Lanka the non-Sinhalese would be safe only so long as they behave; the parameters of acceptable and unacceptable conduct would be decided unilaterally by the Sinhala state and Sinhala society..." - Where does such incendiary hatred stems from, can only be speculated upon. Only a person driven by intense self-loathing would be given to thought that finds satisfaction in denigerating his/her own identity.

The kind of mind-set this author exhibits makes her writings amusing to read, but the deep rooted hatred that bubbles to the surface in all of it defines her as poor journalistic and intellectual material. The hatred and self-loathing evident in this person would of course be qualify her for employment of a different kind though...

The LTTE is said to be running short of suicide bombers...

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I have been trying to find a map that clearly shows where the action is and this one provides an insight into how far and fast the Army has advanced northwards, within the past few months.

With the fall of Vidattaltivu and another smaller boat launching pad a few miles northward, the Sea-Tiger pussies are now cowering in the Jaffna lagoon in the hope of some unforseen change in International politics would save them from annihilation.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


"...There was a long controversy about the 54 young schoolgirls killed in the aerial bomb attack on a camp in Vallipunam on 14th August 2006 where it was maintained that the girls were receiving first aid training. Residents now confirm that the girls were forcibly taken by the LTTE and the training was of a military nature. This does not however justify the Government bombing the schoolgirls..." -

We told the world this.


.."You are here to die for the Nation. If you don’t die today, you may die some weeks later. So why not die now?” ..." -

This video made by the LTTE itself says it all. Thousands of civillians are being forced into arms bearing against the state by the terrorist group, as military pressure to disarm them grows gradually.


Australian Federal Police (AFP) have arrested, at the request of the FBI, a director of a Melbourne business college believed to be linked to the Tigers over alleged terrorism offences in the US.

Thulasitharan Santhirarajah, 34, is expected to face extradition proceedings after his arrest on Monday when AFP agents raided homes and businesses around Melbourne, including the office of his Melbourne International College.

The raids were conducted at the request of the FBI, which has been cracking down on the fundraising activities in the US of members of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.

A spokesman for federal Attorney-General Robert McClelland yesterday confirmed the US had requested that Santhirarajah be detained.
"The man is wanted to face prosecution for alleged terrorism offences in the United States of America," the spokesman said. "As this is an ongoing law enforcement matter, it would be inappropriate to comment on the specifics of the case."

Santhirarajah appeared briefly in a Melbourne Magistrates court on Monday and was remanded in custody until next month.

As well as the city office of the college, AFP agents raided five properties and businesses in Narre Warren, Dandenong and Lysterfield. It is understood police questioned some colleagues and business partners of Santhirarajah, but later released them. Staff at the college yesterday refused to comment on the raids or Santhirarajah's arrest.

Neighbours of Santhirarajah in Narre Warren said they had noticed unusual activity in their street for some time. Diana Taylor said that in recent weeks she had seen people setting up what she thought was undercover surveillance.

Last year in unrelated proceedings, the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force in New York arrested the alleged US director of the Tigers. At the time, the FBI accused Australia's Tamil community of helping fund terrorist attacks by the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka. Two Melbourne men, allegedly linked to the Tigers, are awaiting trial over unrelated alleged terrorism-related offences. They were charged in 2006 with being members of a terrorist organisation, making funds available to a terrorist organisation and making an asset available to a proscribed entity.

Courtesy: The Australian


Vidattaltivu Liberated; terrorists suffer fatal blow - says SL Defence Dept web site

Vidattaltivu's fall to the SL Armed Forces narrows down the LTTE's sea-access to a strip of approx. 30 miles northward of this area. Though the beaches are wide and boats can launch and be retrieved easily, there aren't that many paved roadways that would facilitate transportation of any heavy equipment from these areas.

The strike on this Sea-Tiger base appears to have been well co-ordinated between the SLA and the SLAF. Unlike in previous attacks the strike had been designed to cause maximum damage to the retreating LTTE forces and well executed. While the govt. media claims over 60 LTTE killed, exact numbers are not yet known.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


AS the Sri Lankan Defence Forces close in on the terrorists' main hideouts in Killinochchi, the obvious is likely to happen. The LTTE will corral as many tamil civillians as possible into the area and attempt to hide behind a human shield, thereby promising a virtual blood bath if the Army moves in closer.

As that situation grows likely, the LTTE's supporters in many countries and NGOs can be expected to canvass foreign government pressure to halt the military offensives ostensibly for 'humanitarian reasons'. If and when that situation develops, there will likely be others who'd forcefully espouse R2P, or 'Right to Protect' as a means of stopping the LTTE from annihilation.

Given the likelihood of such 11th hour strategies being succesfully resorted to by those who have in the past conspired against Sri Lanka, the SL Govt would do well to campaign for an understanding of how such a situation is to be handled. This is where specialized training and help from powerful friends would becomes imperative.

Sri Lanka needs to work harder at improving relationships with nations such as the US who can be a decisive factor in dealing with a situation as the one envisaged above. How or in what form US aid would assist Sri Lanka in such a situation needs to be evaluated by the Sri Lankan strategists and discussed and agreed upon with American decision makers.

There's nothing quite like powerful friends and Sri Lanka needs to make a determined effort to cultivate such friends since we are more than likely to need them before very long.


MAJORITY MUSLIMS given eviction notice from Glany Street, says one online news column. Quoting leaders from the respective minority, they compare it to other imaginary situations and attempt to portray the episode as one of unfairness, and violation of rights of these people.
But the facts say otherwise.
The quatters forcibly occupied government lands located in the heart of the city as if it were their personal property, while their actions denied lawful usage of the property for government purposes which are intended to provide services to all citizens. And for decades, successive governments failed to take appropriate action to evict them for fear of antagonizing the 'muslim' constituency.
The news sources say this time the Dept. of Defence has issued the order to vacate. The same news item questions the rights of the government on the action and attempts to legitimize squatting on government property simply by the fact that previous governments have failed to do so.
Sri Lanka has many and varied problems. Some are much bigger than this one, but the salient point here is that at last someone seems to be taking the initiative to do the right thing. Failing to do so is a grave injustice to all those other millions of Sri Lankans who did not illegally occupy state lands for their personal gain, but instead chose to live and travel further distances on a daily commute to and from work. as can be expected, no one seems to consider the rights of the right people, but only those created under imaginary rationale for the wrong people.
Its probably a sign of the times we live in; rights are shouted loudest by those who break laws and endanger others in society, while those who live in obedience of the law continue to suffer in silence.
I certainly hope the government has the spine to carry through this action to its intended conclusion. Sri Lankans need to understand the importance of respecting property laws and rights of those who respect the nation and its laws.
In the meanwhile it is only understandable that the media will highlight only the minorities affected by the state action, as sensationalism is the business they are in.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Sri Lanka's world reknowned terror group, the Tamil Tigers are at the recieving end of a determined military campaign, and are whining to the outside world for help.

"... Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation said in its morning news bulletin that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) now hit by military campaign in the north is engaged in an attempt to drag Tamil Nadu to intervene on their behalf in order to see an end to military operations..."

India tried to step in and help the Tamil Tigers and others like them in the late 1980's which resulted in the death and injury to thousands of Indian soldiers when attacked by the LTTE. It also led to the assasination of the then Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi when a Tamil suicide bomber struck on Indian soil.

The current military campaign began when the LTTE, as a 'Final War' towards carving out a mono-ethnic Tamils-only homeland comprising two thirds of the island nation's most economically viable areas for the nation's 4th largest minority commenced attacks which killed scores of military personnel and civillians and also attempted to assasinate the Sri Lankan Defence Secretary.

Many nations including US, EU, UK and India consider the LTTE terrorists and the FBI has called them the World's most dangerous terror group.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


THE increased focus by Sri Lankan Defence Forces to capture the last remaining LTTE sea-route on the Western sea-coast rings the death knell to the seperatist terrorist struggle in Sri Lanka. Successful encirclement and sea access denial will prevent the LTTE from being able to replenish its stocks in the face of an imminent on-slaught against their remaining strongholds.

Tamil Tiger efforts to get India involved in pressurizing SLG to at least temporarily halt offensives could see a spike soon for this very reason. India's objective and hands-off policy towards every efforts made by the LTTE so far through its intermediaries must be indeed infuriating to the Tiger chief who has so far evaded any personal repurcussions for ordering the assasination of Rajiv Gandhi, at the same time expecting a successful campaign from Tamilnadu to force an Indian intervention.
In the meanwhile, there is strong evidence that the LTTE sympathetic lobby in the USA is attempting to pull the wool over the eyes of the American public and its law makers by creating a picture of a similarity between the situation in Burma and Sri Lanka. The following comments appearing in the authoritative internet publication carry a further confirmation of this fact;
"Ron Harvey - Tamil Tigers attempting to camoflage themselves by hiding behind other legitimate movements 7/10/2008 8:27:25 PM

Coming under tight scrutiny in the United States and other nations makes life particularly difficult for any terrorist group. It also makes life hazardous for those who sponsor terrorism in other nations while residing in Western nations. The Tamil Tiger movement is yet again proving to be adept at hiding its stripes and overcoming obstacles placed in their path by the US and other nations by adopting simplistic methods.

On the 23rd of July this year a demonstration has been planned to be held in front of the Senate, ostensibly by the Burmese expatriate groups residing in the United States to condemn Sri Lanka along with Burma for accpeting Chinese military aid to carry out attacks against civillian populations. The planning, funding and brains behind this operation yet again is a group that supports the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka.

The Burmese appear to have apparently walked into the well planned event unknowingly, and as a result are likely to become tainted for good by association with the world's number one terror group.
The Tigers have nothing to lose, and everything to gain by associating their cause with that of the Burmese.

The two have nothing in common; the Burmese are a legitimate group struggling against a brutal military junta, while the Tamil Tigers are accomplished criminals who engage in international terrorism in senseless pursuit of a mono-linguistic, racist tamil only landscape. The Burmese have never resorted to violence; in fact they have been on the recieving end of it, whereas the Tamil Tigers have perpetrated crimes that put Al-Quida in the junior league.

The idea is said to be to confuse the American public and elected officials to believe they both are similar. Some folks still under-estimate the intelligence and commitment of the American people to eradicating terrorism from our world..."
[blog comments on]

Concerned Sri Lankans would do well to be aware of these new developments and also to take necessary measures to contact and appraise the expatriate Burmese population as necessary.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


"..We don't go just for the terrain, but for the kill.." Sri Lanka's most successful Army Commander of recent times, Gen Sarath Fonseka has told the media. For once, we seem to be having people who understad their job, and are serious about results. And for once, politicians and the military both seem on the same page, after the same objectives, all the while staying out of each others' way. At least that's what it looks like outwardly, and in the absence of any solid fact to the contrary, believably so. And that's good news.

It is true that the cost of living is spiralling up. Some in Sri Lanka speak out against it as if it is the government's doing. Meanwhile, increasing gas prices around the world is making even Americans scrounge for cheap alternatives, clip coupons and even think twice about how they spend their money. The whole world is heading for a crissis. Sri Lanka will too. After all, we are at war.

What Sri Lanka has achieved in the military domain's big event, ' the war on terror' astounds even countries like the USA that is struggling against a lesser credible terrorist group. Military academics are watching the conduct of the war in Sri Lanka with increasing interest. Meanwhile there are those even from among us who will sabotage the gains the SL Defence Forces have won, for their own personal agendas.

While fighting her enemies, Sri Lanka need to act with restraint when dealing with unarmed, yet suspicious civillians. Extra-judicial executions and disappearances must cease, not because we give a hoot for others' opinions, but because we need to remain superior to those we consider to be barbaric terrorists. The economy is an issue and needs close attantion, even though we are in the midst of a war.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


THE Indians are at it again, or at least that's how the southern bretheren are apt to look at it, when the Indian security forces arrive to provide cover for the dignitaries arriving to take part in the SAARC summit in Colombo. The Sri Lankan govt has agreed to the deployment of thousands of Indian troops, airforce and naval assets to secure the venue for the event which will see the participation of heads of State from India, Pakistan and a host of oter regional nations.

Sri Lanka has acted prudently in either asking for, or accepting an offer of Indian military presence during this event, whether anyone likes it or not. While relieving the burden of having to divert troops from active duty in the war zone, it also provides Sri Lanka to re-assure India of our solid alliance with them and also the growing need for an integrated security mechanism between us.

A related article provides a detailed description of what's envisaged;

Below the surface of of these preparations and declared intentions, the very fact that thousands of specialized Indian troops moving into Sri Lankan soil with overwhelming fire power should make the LTTE heirarchy flinch. It is no secret that the Indians are still simmering for the killing of Rajiv Gandhi and they have delayed a much anticipated military effort to avenge his death. India could very well be looking to settle that score, given an opportunity.