Saturday, June 28, 2008


Irrespective of what each side wants to see happen, the most likely outcome will be a consolation price for both sides. There will not be an outright victory for SLG or complete defeat of the LTTE in military terms.

Nevertheless, the outright defeat for the LTTE will come, in the form of democratic, multi-party politics they will be forced to embrace within a unitary state with vastly devolved regional authority.

This is not to say that the present LTTE leadership will continue to hold sway. They won't. Yet the LTTE will continue to remain a force with significant military capabilities for the foreseeable future, even if a permanent peace dawns in SL.Such an outcome may be to the dislike of some or even many Sri Lankans whose expectations have been unrealistically raised as a public relations ploy by the present govt.

In the long run, things will get better, and Sri Lankans as a nation will learn to move forward when the dust settles and the money starts to flow.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


CANADA, the main financial base of Tamil Tiger Terror took another swipe at the LTTE front organizations when they banned the TRO, a well known source of funding for the world's most dangerous terrorist group.

In Italy, the police swooped thru a number of cities to round up over 30 LTTE operatives who were similarly engaged in raising funds for Tamil terrorism. In the UK, India and elsewhere governments continued to crack down on organized Tamil terrorism. Malaysia requested for details of a LTTE terror ring operating from their territories to arrest and detain the culprits as well.

All these determined worldwide anti-LTTE activities coinciding with determined military action by the Sri Lankan government against the Tamil Tigers will inevitably bring about a resolution to South Asia's longest running human tragedy. It will also close the chapter decisivvely on a carefully created peacenik myth that terrorism cannot be defeated militarily. It can, and Sri Lanka will be the very definite case in point.

The changing dynamic has some important implications to Sri Lanka. While without a doubt the decisive weakening, if not outright defeat of terrorism raises fantastic possibilities for the nation's development in all spheres, it also provides the much needed respite the voiceless moderate Tamil community has long waited for.

An outright defeat or simple marginalization of the Tamil racist terrorists will salvage the Tamil community from being held to ransom by barely literate mass murderers and allow for its qualitative and quantitative regeneration. It would allow the community to develop its leaders and provide a meaningful direction and inclusivity in the modern, increasingly inter-dependent world. It will also wean the greater Sri Lankan public and polity from the shadow of southern Sinhala chauvanism. All these positive prospects can come from the decisive military victory over the Tigers.